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Dr Valeriia Haberland

Dr Valeriia Haberland

Dr Valeriia Haberland
BSc, MSc, MSc, PhD(Kings College London)

IEU Senior Research Associate in Causal Epidemiological Analyses

Office OS2
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
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+44 (0) 1173310086


I am working in collaboration with the UK pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline plc, in the project, which aims to identify drug targets for the number of diseases. My primary research interests now lie in developing the MR database, statistical analysis and machine learning.

  • Bioinformatics
  • Causal Inference
  • Database (MR-base)
  • Machine Learning

Past projects

I participated in several research projects:

(2018-2020, Nov/April) GlaxoSmithKline plc. The project focuses on the integration of the MR-Base analytical tools with the internal GSK database to facilitate a fast and easy Mendelian Randomization analysis and related follow-up analyses.

(2017-2015) Goldsmiths, University of London. The project focused on the automated data improvement, data integration from the external sources and efficient and accurate matching of the company records. This project was supported by the e-invoicing company, Tungsten Network Ltd.

(2015) Ulster University, Northern Ireland. This project aimed to identify key performance bottlenecks in analysing large clinical data and to develop parallel algorithms in order to speed up such analysis for personalised medicine.

Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Ukraine:

(2008-2007) "Development of structure of Zaporozhye resource operating GRID center and its resources".

(2008-2007) "The models of mass transfer process during deposition of thin films by energetic particles".

(2006) "Molecular dynamic simulations of low energy ion sputtering of surface metal nanoclusters on metal and graphite substrates".


  • (2015-2010) Ph.D in Computer Science, King's College London, UK. Title: "Strategies for the Execution of Long-Term Continuous and Simultaneous Tasks in Grids". My PhD research focused on automated negotiation in respect of the Grid resources between a resource allocator and client in order to run data independent or inter-dependent tasks which require long-term and near-continuous execution. The example of such tasks can be climate monitoring and control tasks, but also other monitoring application which process data in real time.
  • (2010-2008) MSc in Information Technology (with distinction), Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Federation. Title: "Analysis of Multiprocessor Complex Application Effectiveness for Transoceanic Shipping Optimisation". 
  • (2008-2007) MSc in Computer Systems and Networks (with distinction), Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Ukraine. Title: "System of Molecular Dynamic Simulation with Application of Parallel Calculations and GRID-technology".
  • (2007-2003) BSc in Computer Systems and Networks (with distinction), Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Ukraine.
  • (2003-1993) Physical-Mathematical Grammar School N28 (with distinction "Gold Medal", equivalent to A or A* level in all subjects), Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.


  • (2013) Best Student Paper Award, "Using Adjustable Fuzzy Inference for Adaptive Grid Resource Negotiation" at the 6th International workshop on Agent-based Complex Automated Negotiations, the 12th International conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, Minnesota, USA.
  • (2013-2010) Graduate School Studentship and King's Overseas Research Studentship, awarded as a result of competition which considers the achievements in studies, King's College London, UK.
  • (2012) 1st Prize in Poster Competition, "Adaptive Negotiation Strategy in Grids" at the Annual School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Research Day Poster Competition in King's College London, UK.
  • (2007) 2nd Prize in the National Ukrainian Students' Physics Competition, Ivano-Frankovsk, Vasyl Stefanyk Prykarpattian National University, Ukraine.

Activities / Findings

Posters & Presentations:

"Proteome PheWAS browser: graph-based interactive platform allowing visualisation of thousands of estimates from Mendelian randomization analyses", Bioinformatics and Computational Approaches, American Society of Human Genetics, San Diego, CA, USA, 2018 (poster).

Recent publications:

Tachmazidou et al, "Identification of new therapeutic targets for osteoarthritis through genome-wide analyses of UK Biobank", Nature Genetics (accepted), 2018.


Visiting GSK to implement the functionality that integrates the MR-Base analytical tools with their in-house data structures.


I assisted with several 1st year undergraduate courses during my PhD in King's College London:

  • Programming Practice (PRP)
  • Programming Applications (PRA)
  • Data Structures (DST)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (IAI)


  • MR analysis
  • NoSQL databases
  • Bayesian learning
  • Causal inference



Bristol Medical School (PHS)

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  • GlaxoSmithKline

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