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Dr Sian Noble

I’m involved in assessing the cost-effectiveness of interventions in a wide range of randomised controlled trials. Recent and current trials include: investigating the feasibility of using CBT during pregnancy; The ProtecT trial of treatments for localised prostate cancer; The CAP study of population level PSA testing; The ROMIO feasibility study, preparing for a trial of surgical techniques for oesophagectomy. The APEX trial which is evaluating the use of local anaesthetic wound infiltration during Total Joint replacement surgery to reduce long term pain, and School based interventions in relation to: Hand washing to reduce pupil and staff absenteeism; an exercise and nutrition intervention to improve and a CBT based intervention to improve depressive symptoms in Chilean schoolchildren.

My methodological research interests stems from the challenges of conducting and analysing economic evaluations alongside randomised controlled trials. I have a particular interest in the prevention of missing data, through the improvement of resource use questionnaire design and the use of routine data.

Research keywords

  • health economics
  • economic evaluation
  • randomised controlled trials
  • prostate cancer
  • orthopaedics
  • depression and anxiety
  • evaluation of health care