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Dr Rebecca Barnes


My background is in social psychology and for the last 15 years I have been steadily building my research experience as a qualitative methodologist, specialising in applied conversation analytic (CA) methods with a particular interest in health care communication. CA is the dominant contemporary method for the analysis of social interaction. It has been extensively applied in primary care, particularly in North America where it has been used to successfully identify a wide range of important communication practices and dilemmas that recur in patient-provider consultations and that have substantive effects and outcomes. The field is rapidly evolving and in the UK, it is also beginning to find its way into various aspects of RCTs, complementing other qualitative methods used for process evaluations such as focus groups and interviews. Furthermore it can provide a theoretical resource for the content of interventions themselves, attracting researcher-clinician partnerships, NIHR funding and policy makers.

I conceived the idea for and organised (with Professor Nicky Britten, UoE) the 1st & 2nd ‘International Meeting on Conversation Analysis and Clinical Encounters’, sponsored by the Foundation for the Sociology of Heath and Illness, held July 16-18th 2007 at the Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter and July 20-23rd 2009 at the Peninsula Medical School, University of Plymouth.

I am a member of the International Society for Conversation Analysis 



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