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Dr Rebecca Richmond


After obtaining a BA(Hons) in Human Sciences at the University of Oxford, I pursued my interest in genetics, statistics and population health by embarking on a Wellcome Trust-funded PhD in “Molecular, Genetic and Lifecourse Epidemiology” at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit (IEU), under the supervision of Profs Nic Timpson, George Davey Smith and Caroline Relton. After my PhD, I took up a Senior Research Associate post within the Integrative Cancer Epidemiology Programme (ICEP) affiliated with the MRC-IEU. During my early research career, I have developed skills and been most actively involved in some of the key areas of Population Health Science research at the University of Bristol, including epidemiology, genetic and epigenetic epidemiology, and causal inference and mechanisms (including Mendelian randomization). I have recently been awarded a 4-year de Pass Vice Chancellor fellowship, with a proposed research project entitled "From clustered behaviours to molecular mechanisms in cancer epidemiology". This research aims to highlight the relative importance and inter-relationships of several health behaviours for prioritization in cancer prevention strategies and to identify molecular pathways which could serve as therapeutic targets for intervention, particularly when an underlying health behaviour is difficult to modify. 



Bristol Medical School (PHS)