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The 3D Study: Improving whole person care

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An increasing number of people have more than one long term health problem. This study aims to develop and test a new approach to how GP practices manage patients with several health problems. Instead of following guidelines for each disease in isolation, the aim is to treat the whole patient in a consistent, joined up manner in order to improve their overall quality of life. GP surgeries around Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow are being recruited to take part in this study.

Project dates
01 Mar 2014 - 31 May 2017

For further information, see the project's website:

Project director(s):
Prof Chris Salisbury – University of Bristol
Project funder:
NIHR – Health Services and Delivery Research Programme
Project collaborator(s):
Prof Pete Bower – University of Manchester
Prof Stewart Mercer – University of Glasgow
Prof Bruce Guthrie - University of Dundee
Dr Imran Rafi - Royal College of General Practitioners
Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group
Mei-See Man