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Accessible Resource for Integrated Epigenomics Studies (ARIES)

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ARIES is a BBSRC-funded resource to generate epigenomic information on a range of human tissues at multiple time points across the lifecourse. These data will be integrated with genetic and transcriptomic data and made available to the scientific community, with the facility to link data to both exposure and phenotypic data.

ARIES will use both Illumina Infinium 450k methylation arrays and MeDIP-seq approaches to generate epigenetic data on a number of samples from the ALSPAC cohort. In addition genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of four human tissues in conjunction with matched peripheral blood samples will also be performed using Illumina Infinium 450k methylation arrays to enable comparison of methylation levels between tissues.

Project dates
01 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2013

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Project director(s):
Prof. George Davey Smith
Project funder:
Project collaborator(s):
University of Newcastle
University of Cambridge
Babraham Institute