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Prostate Testing for Cancer and Treatment (ProtecT)

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Prostate cancer is a serious health problem. There are 35,000 new cases every year in the UK, and around 10,000 deaths.

We need to find out about the best way of treating prostate cancer before it causes any problems. At present, nobody knows which of three treatments is best:

  • an operation to remove the prostate
  • radiotherapy to the prostate
  • careful monitoring with regular checkups.

This study is not a trial of screening. There are no plans to introduce screening for prostate cancer in the UK because there is not enough evidence about treatment for the disease. It has not yet been shown that screening for prostate cancer is a good idea.

The aim of the ProtecT study is to find out which treatments are best.

The ProtecT study is a research project taking place in nine parts of the UK:

  • Bristol, Southmead Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Ed Rowe
  • Newcastle, Freeman Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Philip Powell
  • Sheffield, Royal Hallamshire Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Derek Rosario
  • Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Alan Doherty
  • Cardiff, University Hospital of Wales - Lead Urologist, Mr Owen Hughes
  • Edinburgh, Western General Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Prasad Bollina
  • Cambridge, Addenbrookes Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam
  • Leicester, Leicester General Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Roger Kockelbergh
  • Leeds, St James Hospital - Lead Urologist, Mr Alan Paul
  • For further information, see the project's website:

    Project director(s):
    Professor Jenny Donovan - University of Bristol
    Professor Freddie Hamdy - University of Oxford
    Professor David Neal - University of Oxford
    Project funder:
    NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme
    Dr Athene Lane