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Professor Nicky Welton


Research Interests: 1. Bayesian statistical methods for combining evidence from different sources, and assessing evidence consistency. Examples include: synthesis of incidence and prevalence data for toxoplasmosis; estimating Markov transition parameters from various data sources that may include different forms of censoring, as well as exact event history data. 2. Comprehensive cost-effectiveness analysis where the inputs to the decision analysis model are the outputs from an evidence synthesis. Examples include: interventions to increase attendance at breast cancer screening; genetic testing to aid choice of pharmacological interventions for smoking cessation. 3. Expected Value of Information methods for research prioritisation and trial design. Examples include: cluster randomised trial for interventions to increase attendance at breast screening; mixed treatment comparison of treatments for bipolar disorders.

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Key words

  • Bayesian statistics
  • toxoplasmosis
  • breast cancer screening
  • genetic testing
  • smoking
  • cluster randomised trial
  • mixed treatment comparison