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Professor Nicky Welton


After obtaining my PhD in mathematics from Bristol University (1998) I worked for 4 years as a lecturer in Applied Statistics at the University of the West of England. In 2002 I joined the MRC Health Service Research Collaborations Multi-Parameter Evidence Synthesis research group based at the University of Bristol, and which subsequently transfered to the university. Since that time I have contributed to all of the groups synthesis projects: focusing on applications in health technology assessment, synthesis for bias adjustment, synthesis of inputs to Markov models, and heterogeneously reported outcomes. I currently hols an MRC Methodology Research Fellowship to study methods for evidence synthesis and Expected Value of Information for research prioritisation, and is joint lead (with Prof. Tony Ades) of the theme on this topic in the ConDuCT Hub for Trials Methodology Research. I am deputy director of the NICE Clinical Guidelines Technical Support Unit, based in the school. I contribute to a 5-day course on Evidence Synthesis for Decision Modelling, a 3-day course on Indirect and Mixed Treatment Comparisons, and lead the schools short course on Advanced Meta-Analysis.