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Dr Maggie Evans

EOS study: experiences of survivors of domestic violence and abuse: Hearing women's voices. This will form a module of the www.healthtalk website

I am a qualitative research specialist. Some of my work involves stand-alone qualitative and ethnographic studies; the rest involves studies at all stages of randomised controlled trials: feasibility, piloting, nested within trials and process evaluation. The main methods that I employ are semi-structured interviews, ethnographic non-participant observation and focus groups. I am also interested in the synthesis of quantitative and qualitative research methods and outcomes, meta-ethnography of qualitative outputs and action research. I have a particular interest in patients' narratives. 


My main topic areas of interst are : the health consequences of domestic violence, patients' use of complementary and alternative medicine, supportive care in cancer and patient participation in research.

Research keywords

  • domestic violence
  • depression and anxiety
  • PPI involvement
  • complementary and alternative therapies

Diseases related to this field of research

  • cancer
  • depression
  • domestic abuse
  • acute cardiac syndrome
  • angina


  • Prof Gene Feder
  • Dr Helen Cramer