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Dr Lavinia Paternoster

Dr Lavinia Paternoster

Dr Lavinia Paternoster
BSc, MSc(Edin), PhD

Research Fellow

Area of research

Genetic Epidemiology of Complex Traits

Office Room BS9
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
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+44 (0) 117 3310135


I work primarily on genome-wide association studies within the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) and carrying out large-scale, multi-centre genome-wide meta-analyses. Phenotypes of interest include atopic dermatitis (eczema), pQCT measures of bone traits and facial characteristics and measures.

I also work on the Genetics of Obesity in Young Adults (GOYA) study, which aims to identify BMI variants using an extreme sample selection strategy in the Danish population.

Recently awarded an MRC Population Health Fellowship, I have four years funding to research 'The Genetic Epidemiology of Atopic Dermatitis'. This program of research will involve genome-wide association analysis, meta-analysis, analysis of rare variants from sequencing data, investigation of parent-of-origin effects and 'gene by gene' and 'gene by envoronment' interactions.

Activities / Findings

Three risk loci for atopic dermatitis identified in a large-scale genome-wide association meta-analysis (Published, Nature Genetics, Dec 2011)


1st year Medicine - Clinical Epidemiology tutor

Postgraduate departmental short-course tutor - Basic Genetics and Genomics; Genetic Association Studies; Introduction to Statistics


  • Genetic Epidemiology
  • Complex trait genetics
  • Genome-wide association studies


  • Atopic dermatitis
  • 3D Facial morphology
  • bone density (pQCT)
  • Obesity
  • Growth



School of Social and Community Medicine

Selected publications

  • Paternoster, L, Standl, M, Chen, C-M, Ramasamy, A, Bønnelykke, K, Duijts, L, Ferreira, MA, Alves, AC, Thyssen, JP, Albrecht, E, Baurecht, H, Feenstra, B, Sleiman, PMA, Hysi, P, Warrington, NM, Curjuric, I, Myhre, R, Curtin, JA, Groen-Blokhuis, MM, Kerkhof, M, Sääf, A, Franke, A, Ellinghaus, D, Fölster-Holst, R, Dermitzakis, E, Montgomery, SB, Prokisch, H, Heim, K, Hartikainen, A-L, Pouta, A, Pekkanen, J, Blakemore, AIF, Buxton, JL, Kaakinen, M, Duffy, DL, Madden, PA, Heath, AC, Montgomery, GW, Thompson, PJ, Matheson, MC, Le Souëf, P, St Pourcain, B, Smith, GD, Henderson, J, Kemp, JP, Timpson, NJ, Deloukas, P, Ring, SM, Wichmann, H-E, Müller-Nurasyid, M, Novak, N, Klopp, N, Rodríguez, E, McArdle, W, Linneberg, A, Menné, T, Nohr, EA, Hofman, A, Uitterlinden, AG, Duijn, CMv, Rivadeneira, F, Jongste, JCd, Valk, RJPvd, Wjst, M, Jogi, R, Geller, F, Boyd, HA, Murray, JC, Kim, C, Mentch, F, March, M, Mangino, M, Spector, TD, Bataille, V, Pennell, CE, Holt, PG, Sly, P, Tiesler, CMT, Thiering, E, Illig, T, Imboden, M, Nystad, W, Simpson, A, Hottenga, J-J, Postma, D, Koppelman, GH, Smit, HA, Söderhäll, C, Chawes, B, Kreiner-Møller, E, Bisgaard, H, Melén, E, Boomsma, DI, Custovic, A, Jacobsson, B, Probst-Hensch, NM, Palmer, LJ, Glass, D, Hakonarson, H, Melbye, M, Jarvis, DL, Jaddoe, VWV, Gieger, C, Strachan, DP, Martin, NG, Jarvelin, M-R, Heinrich, J, Evans, DM, Weidinger, S, & 2012, ‘Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies three new risk loci for atopic dermatitis’. Nature Genetics, vol 44., pp. 187-192
  • Paternoster, L, Zhurov, A, Toma, A, Kemp, JP, St. Pourcain, MUB, Timpson, N, McMahon, G, McArdle, W, Ring, S, Smith, GD, Richmond, S & Evans, D 2012, ‘Genome-wide association study of three-dimensional facial morphology identifies a variant in PAX3 associated with nasion position’. The American Journal of Human Genetics, vol 90(3)., pp. 478 - 485
  • Paternoster, L, Lorentzon, M, Vandenput, L, Karlsson, M, Ljunggren, O, Kindmark, A, Mellstrom, D, Kemp, JP, Jarett, C, Holly, J, Sayers, A, St. Pourcain, MUB, Timpson, N, Deloukas, P, Smith, GD, Ring, S, Evans, D, Tobias, JH & Ohlsson, C 2010, ‘Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis of Cortical Bone Mineral Density Unravels Allelic Heterogeneity at the RANKL Locus and Potential Pleiotropic Effects on Bone’. PLoS Genetics, vol 6.

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