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Dr Kate Northstone


I have been Executive Director for data at ALSPAC snce May 2017, having previously worked with the study between 1995 and 2015. I manage the data team and contribute to the day to day operational and strategic running of the study. 

I graduated from an MSc in Medical Statistics in 1995. I achieved a PhD by publication in 2008 in nutriitonal epidemiology.

From 1995 -2015 I worked with ALSPAC: I was a member of the ALSPAC Senior Management Team (SMT) where I represented academics (both internal and external) and sat on the executive committee. My main role was to support full utilisation of the resource, ensuring all processes of collaboration were as streamlined as possible by participating in strategic planning, writing protocols and maintaining documentation. I was the primary contact for the many ALSPAC collaborators wishing to access data.

Between 2015 and 2017 I was the Effectiveness lead at NIHR CLHARC West, leading a number of projects and managing a team of quantitative analysts.