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Publication - Professor John Macleod

    The 'PEARL' Data Warehouse

    Initial Challenges Faced with Semantic and Syntactic Interoperability


    Mahmoud, S, Boyd, AW, Curcin, V, Bache, R, Ali, A, Miles, S, Taweel, A, Delaney, B & Macleod, J, 2017, ‘The 'PEARL' Data Warehouse: Initial Challenges Faced with Semantic and Syntactic Interoperability’. in: Rebecca Randell, Ronald Cornet, Colin McCowan, Niels Peek, Philip J Scott (eds) Informatics for Health: Connected Citizen-Led Wellness and Population Health. IOS Press, pp. 156-160


    Data about patients are available from diverse sources, including those routinely collected as individuals interact with service providers, and those provided directly by individuals through surveys. Linking these data can lead to a more complete picture about the individual, to inform either care decision making or research investigations. However, post-linkage, differences in data recording systems and formats present barriers to achieving these aims. This paper describes an approach to combine linked GP records with study observations, and reports initial challenges related to semantic and syntactic interoperability issues.

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