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Professor Helen Lambert

I am interested in the application of anthropological perspectives to a range of public health issues. These include:

Anthropological and interdisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistance

HIV prevention and sexual health in vulnerable communities in South Asia, with a particular focus on sex work

Popular understandings of health, illness and therapy

Non-biomedical therapeutic traditions in India within and outside the formal health sector

Social and cultural dimensions of health systems

Lay understandings of suicide and suicide prevention in social and kinship networks

The role of ethnographic and other forms of qualitative research evidence in the formulation and evaluation of public health interventions


Research keywords

  • medical anthropology
  • South Asia
  • treatment-seeking
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • evidence
  • expertise
  • kinship
  • gender
  • health inequalities
  • social and cultural determinants of health
  • medical pluralism

Diseases related to this field of research

  • HIV
  • suicide
  • infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance
  • familial hypercholesterolaemia