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Dr Hayley Jones


PhD supervision

As primary supervisor:

Gemma Clayton, 2015 - awarded 2019 (co-supervised by Prof Julian Higgins), ‘Incorporating external evidence syntheses in the design and analysis of a clinical trial’. 

As co-supervisor:

Sean Harrison, 2014 - awarded 2017 (with Prof Kate Tilling and Dr Emma Turner), ‘Examining the role of mediation in the associations of individual characteristics with prostate specific antigen (PSA) and prostate cancer risk’. 


MSc Epidemiology

I co-lead the Clinical Epidemiology Unit with Dr Penny Whiting.

MSc Public Health 

I co-lead the Research Methods Unit with Dr Leila Rooshenas.


Departmental short course programme:

I co-organise the four day course 'Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis', which runs twice per year. I also teach on 'Introduction to Diagnostic Research' and 'Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis and WinBUGS'. 

I've previously contributed to: 'Advanced Epidemiological and Statistical Methods', 'Network Meta-Analysis', 'Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression Models, 'Advanced Meta-Analysis'.


Undergraduate teaching (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry):


MB21 curriculum: Lecturer, Year 1, 'Introduction to systemtaic reviews and meta-analysis'

MB16 curriculum: Lecturer, Year 4, Community Oriented Medical Practice 1  - systematic reviews session. I also run iSSC tutorials. I also previously taught on the 'Clinical Epidemiology' course.