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Dr Eileen Sutton


I am currently employed as a senior research associate and trial coordinator working on the HTA supported Best Emollient for Eczema (BEE) study. 

I have extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the application of a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in health research gained working as a member of multi-disciplinary teams in primary care, secondary care and community settings. In particular my research has focused on four main areas:

  • Health services research and evaluation
  • Experiences of chronic illness and health services/treatment
  • Social policy, inequalities and public health
  • Patient and public involvement in research

Having successfully applied for research funding from a range of major bodies my completed work as qualitative lead includes a study exploring the feasibility and acceptability of supported exercise training for men with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy (NIHR STAMINA Programme Development Grant with University of Sheffield). I have subsequently collaborated with the STAMINA research team on the development and the team is now coninuting this work in a 5 year NIHR Programme Grant developing a complex behavioural intervention to be evaluated in a RCT. My role is  lead qualitative research across the study work packages (commenced September 2018).I am also qualitative lead on a trial of pulsed therapy for Addison’s disease and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, (PULSES) where I have been exploring participants’ experiences of the different treatment arms and the acceptability of long term pump treatment.

I am a co-convener of the Excellence in QUAlitative research in Trials (EQUATegroup - which is an informal forum for health researchers who are using qualitative methodology in relation to randomised controlled trials in applied health contexts:




Bristol Medical School (PHS)

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