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Dr Christie Cabral

Parent & Clinician views on and experiences of consulting and prescribing for RTIs in children

Christie is a social anthropologist with research interests in child and family health, illness beliefs, health behaviours, health inequalities, global health social policy and international development.  She has has particular expertise in qualitative approaches, experience of both qualitative and quantitative methods and an interest in mixed methods approaches to primary and secondary data analysis, including systematic review methods.


Christie is currently working on a number of related projects around the theme of understanding parent and clinician beliefs and practices in relation to managing acute childhood infections and in particular consulting and antibiotic prescribing behaviour.  Research around respiratory infections include: the TARGET programme, the Conker study, which involved videoing primary care consultations and interviewing parents and clinicians, and the Unpac study, which used conversation analysis to look at within consultation communication.  Research focussed on urinary tract infections includes an interview study with clinicians to explore their diagnostic processes wtih a view to informing a future trial.  Research in relation to ear infections includes the CEDAR and PREAR trials which will explore parent, child and clinician views of treatment options. 


Research keywords

  • primary care doctor-patient relationship access to health care parent child children childhood families

Diseases related to this field of research

  • Infections

Processes and functions relevant to this work

  • Information seeking consultation diagnosis

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