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Publication - Dr Christie Cabral

    Caring for children with coughs

    Information and advice for parents


    Cabral, C, Ingram, J, Lucas, P, Hay, A, Redmond, N, Horwood, J, Blair, P & Hollinghurst, S, 2016, ‘Caring for children with coughs: Information and advice for parents’. University of Bristol


    This website was created by a collaboration of researchers and parents in response to the information needs identified during the TARGET project research.

    We conducted some subsequent PPI&E work with parents to co-design a information website. We took the most up to date (as of January 2016) information and advice about managing children with a respiratory tract infections to parents, our previous research on parents information needs and put together proposed web-pages. The Parent PPI&E groups advised us on the content, presentation and usability of the website, which was revised through several iterations before being finalised.

    The website has been made publically available on the University of Bristol website.

    A parent information leaflet with a summary of key information is available for download and has been incorporated into a number of other health information websites.

    Full details in the University publications repository