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Dr Christie Cabral


Christie Cabral joined the Centre for Academic Primary Care in 2010.  

Christie joined the University of Bristol in 2007, working briefly as social science link at ALSPAC and then moving to the School of Policy Studies, where she conducted research into the impacts of water borne disease and the potential for improved water management in developing country contexts. 

Previously Christie worked at the University of York on research into parenting in low income families and links to child maltreatment in the UK.  

Christie has a background in social anthropology.  Her doctoral work was on indigenous forest management in a developing socio-economic context in Guyana.  She worked in international development for many years leading a range of research projects including: a mixed methods survey of the incidence and impacts of violence affecting children in Guyana; evaluations of HIV and water borne disease interventions; and investigations of sustainable natural resource use practices.