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Professor Chris Salisbury

Provision of primary health care

My research interests relate to how best to provide primary health care, and the implications of new models of organisation on the core values of general practice such as first contact care, generalism, continuity of care, and the doctor-patient relationship.

My work has included studies of GP out-of-hours care, NHS Walk-in Centres, GPs with specialist interests, the expanding role of nurse practitioners, and evaluations of the Advanced Access initiative and PhysioDirect services. I have recently completed a 5 year NIHR funded programme of research on the role of telehealth in supporting people with long term conditions (the 'Healthlines' trial) and a study on the potential of alternatives to face to face consultations in general practice through greater use of email, internet video and telephone. In recent years my main focus has been how general practice should respond to improving care for the growing number of people with multiple health conditions, or 'multimorbidty'. This included the largest randomised controlled trial ever conducted of a systematic approach to improving care using a patient-centred care model - the 3D trial.

Research keywords

  • Primary Care
  • General Practice
  • Access to health care
  • Patient experience of health care
  • Improving the quality and cost of primary care
  • Generalism
  • Management of long term conditions
  • doctor-patient relationship
  • continuity of care

Diseases related to this field of research

  • Patients with multimorbidity (multiple long term conditions)

Processes and functions relevant to this work

  • Delivery of primary care