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Professor Alan Emond

ALSPAC Gambling Study

  • ALSPAC- co-applicant on the core grant for the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (funded by MRC and Wellcome Trust)
  • Growth faltering in infancy- a series of projects using ALSPAC investigating the long term consequences of poor early growth- current work investigating outcome at 8 forms part of PhD studentship (funded by Higher Education Council of Pakistan)
  • The Origins, outcomes and impact of persistent phonological impairment in ALSPAC  Collaboration with Prof  S Roulstone. (funded by Medical Research Council)
  • The causes and consequences of childhood wetting and soiling- a collaboration using ALSPAC (funded by the Big Lottery fund)
  • Road use and Injury in adolescence- a prospective study using ALSPAC, with Prof Elizabeth Towner. (funded by Dept for Transport)
  • Aquatest 2 project: an international research study to develop a low cost water test for developing countries. (funded by Bill and Melissa  Gates Foundation)
  • MENDS- Co-applicant  on the multi-centre trial on use of melatonin in sleep disturbance in children with neuron-developmental disorders (funded by HTA)

Research keywords

  • adolescence
  • neuro-developmental disorders
  • resilience
  • gambling
  • injury
  • burns
  • scalds