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Miss Aayah Nounu

Miss Aayah Nounu

Miss Aayah Nounu

Research Associate

Office OS1
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
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Research summary

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Recent publications

  • Haycock, PC, Burgess, S, Nounu, A, Zheng, J, Okoli, GN, Bowden, J, Wade, KH, Timpson, NJ, Evans, DM, Willeit, P, Aviv, A, Gaunt, TR, Hemani, G, Mangino, M, Ellis, HP, Kurian, KM, Pooley, KA, Eeles, RA, Lee, JE, Fang, S, Chen, WV, Law, MH, Bowdler, LM, Iles, MM, Yang, Q, Worrall, BB, Markus, HS, Hung, RJ, Amos, CI, Spurdle, AB, Thompson, DJ, O'Mara, TA, Wolpin, B, Amundadottir, L, Stolzenberg-Solomon, R, Trichopoulou, A, Onland-Moret, NC, Lund, E, Duell, EJ, Canzian, F & others 2017, ‘Association Between Telomere Length and Risk of Cancer and Non-Neoplastic Diseases: A Mendelian Randomization Study’. JAMA Oncology.

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