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Dr Josine Min

Dr Josine Min

Dr Josine Min
MSc(Amst), PhD(Leiden)

Senior Research Associate in Genetic and Epigenetic Epidemiology

Office BS10
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
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Research summary

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Recent publications

  • McCarthy, S, Das, S, Kretzschmar, W, Delaneau, O, Wood, AR, Teumer, A, Kang, HM, Fuchsberger, C, Danecek, P, Sharp, K, Luo, Y, Sidore, C, Kwong, A, Timpson, N, Koskinen, S, Vrieze, S, Scott, LJ, Zhang, H, Mahajan, A, Veldink, J, Peters, U, Pato, C, van Duijn, CM, Gillies, CE, Gandin, I, Mezzavilla, M, Gilly, A, Cocca, M, Traglia, M, Angius, A, Barrett, JC, Boomsma, D, Branham, K, Breen, G, Brummett, CM, Busonero, F, Campbell, H, Chan, A, Chen, S, Chew, E & others 2016, ‘A reference panel of 64,976 haplotypes for genotype imputation’. Nature Genetics, vol 48., pp. 1279-1283
  • Lotchkova, V, Huang, J, Morris, J, Jain, D, Barbieri, C, Walter, K, Min, J, Chen, L, Astle, WJ, Cocca, M, Deelen, P, Elding, H, Farmaki, A-E, Franklin, CS, Franberg, M, Gaunt, T, Hofman, A, Jiang, T, Kleber, ME, Lachance, G, Luan, J, Malerba, G, Matchan, A, Mead, D, Memari, Y, Ntalla, I, Panoutsopoulou, K, Pazoki, R, Perry, JRB, Rivadeneira, F, Sabater-Lleal, M, Sennblad, B, Shin, S-Y, Southam, L, Traglia, M, van Dijk, F, van Leeuwen, EM, Zaza, G, Zhang, W, Amin, N & others 2016, ‘Discovery and refinement of genetic loci associated with cardiometabolic risk using dense imputation maps’. Nature Genetics, vol 48., pp. 1303?1312

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