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Dr Caroline Wilson

Dr Caroline Wilson

Dr Caroline Wilson

Honorary Senior Research Associate

Office 4.07
Canynge Hall,
39 Whatley Road, Bristol BS8 2PS
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+44 (0) 117 3313954


I am a health services researcher, specialising in qualitative methods.  I am a key member of the QuinteT team lead by Professor Jenny Donovan.  We conduct pioneering research to understand and address recruitment challenges in difficult randomised control trials (RCTs).  We embed qualitative research (interviews and audio-recordings) and analyse screening log data to understand the recruitment pathway, in order to identify recruitment challenges (e.g. lower than expected eligible patients, clinician or patient preferences).  We work closely with the trial Chief Investigator and Trial Management Group to develop strategies to optimise recruitment.  We train clincal staff to convey equipoise, to explain key trial concepts and to explore patient preferences to improve informed consent and recruitment.  We may also recommend closure if there is evidence to suggest a trial is not feasible.  I have led successful collaborations in many different specialist areas.  I particularly enjoy working on cancer trials, across different specialisms:  TROMBONE (Oligo-metastatic prostate cancer, PCF), POUT trial (Ureteric cancer, CRUK), CHEMORAD (Oesophageal cancer, NIHR RfPB), By-Band-Sleeve (Bariatric surgery, NIHR HTA), CSAW (Shoulder arthroscopy, Arthritis Research, UK) and NAIROS (Nasal Airways Obstruction Study, HTA), (Topic 2 Chronic Post-Thoracotomy Pain, NIHR HTA).   I am a co-app on several new funding bids. 

Other recent research interests include the impact of the recent economic recession on mental health and suicide, and public engagement in higher education.   

I have a PhD in social/medical anthropology from the University of Sussex (ESRC-funded).  My doctoral thesis explored the marketisation of health services, the impact of Gulf migration and the rise of super-speciality hospitals in the Malabar region of Northern Kerala.  I joined Bristol Medical School in 2009, as an MRC-ESRC post-doctoral fellow (2009-2011) to further explore high levels of Type 2 Diabetes, the condition known locally in Kerala as 'sugar.'  I have lived in India for almost four years.  I am comfortable conducting research and public speaking in Malayalam.   I have a sustained interest in public health and health care systems in low and middle income countries. 






  • qualitative methods
  • cancer trials
  • recruitment



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