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Dr Tristan Kay


I teach the following undergraduate units:

  • ITAL 10007: Modern Italian Texts
  • ITAL 10030: Medieval and Renaissance Italy
  • ITAL 10031: Reading Medieval and Renaissance Culture
  • ITAL 20024: Dante: Inferno
  • ITAL 30049: Dante: Purgatorio and Paradiso
  • ITAL 30048: Desire in Medieval and Renaissance Culture
  • ITAL 30001: Translation into English
  • MODL30002: Ancients and Moderns: Cultures of Humanism in Renaissance Europe
  • MODL30020: The Italian City: Medieval and Early Modern Cultures

In 2015 I was shortlisted for the Students' Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Faculty of Arts. 

I currently co-supervise three PhD students working on aspects of medieval Italian culture and welcome contact from prospective graduate students interested in working on topics related to my research.

Consultation Hours

Monday 10-12