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Dr Tristan Kay


I currently teach on the following undergraduate units:

  • ITAL 10034: Medieval and Renaissance Italy
  • ITAL 20024: Dante: Inferno
  • ITAL 30049: Dante: Purgatorio and Paradiso
  • ITAL 30048: Desire in Medieval and Renaissance Culture
  • ITAL 30001: Translation into English
  • MODL30002: Ancients and Moderns: Cultures of Humanism in Renaissance Europe
  • MODL30020: The Italian City: Medieval and Early Modern Cultures

In 2015 I was shortlisted for the Students' Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Faculty of Arts. 

I have supervised four PhD students working on aspects of medieval Italian culture and welcome contact from prospective graduate students interested in working on topics related to my research.