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Dr Ruth Coates

Ruth Coates specialises in nineteenth-century Russian literature and nineteenth and early twentieth-century intellectual history. Her research interests are in the work of the twentieth-century philosopher and literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin; in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Russian thought; and in Russian Orthodox culture and its influence on secular Russian thought. She has edited a book entitled The Emancipation of Russian Christianity (1995), is the author of Christianity in Bakhtin: God and the Exiled Author (1998), and most recently has co-edited, with Robin Aizlewood, Landmarks Revisited: The Vekhi Symposium 100 Years On (2013).

She is the co-organiser, with Dr Sarah Hudspith of Leeds University, of the BASEES 19th-century Study Group.

Ruth Coates' current project concerns the reception of the doctrine of deification in Russian culture, with a focus on the thought of the late imperial period.

Research keywords

  • 19th-century Russian literature and thought
  • the thought and culture of late imperial Russia
  • Russian Orthodox culture
  • Orthodox theology.