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Professor John Foot


I have taught in Reading University, Keele University, Strathclyde University and, from 1995-2013, in the Italian Department of University College London. I have also held courses in the Politecnico di Milano and given guest lectures and seminars in numerous institutions in Italy, the UK and the USA.

I have taught courses on contemporary Italian history, the Italian city, Italy and divided memory, Italian cinema, documentary cinema, cinema and the city, the Italian south.

In Bristol I have taught ta course on Modern Italy  and a final-year course on Institutions and anti-institutions in the 1960s and 1970s which looks at the way institutions such as the asylum, the prison, the family and the university were viewed and understood in that key period of intellectual and political change.

I have run a course on the history of sport from 2014-2015 onwards and convened and coordinated an SML course on Memory and History in the Twentieth Century.