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Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies

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The research in medieval texts involves analysis, translation and text-editing.

The Medievalist and Renaissance group is formed by Marianne Ailes in the Department of French, who works on Crusades literature; Elena Lombardi in the Department of Italian who specialises in Dante; and Rowan Tomlinson in French whose specialism is the poetics and politics of French vernacular writing in the 16th century. Tomlinson's forthcoming book, Inventive Inventories: Language, Literature and the Natural World in Renaissance France (Oxford University Press), examines the productive relationship between natural history and literature in poetry and prose by authors including Rabelais, Scève, Montaigne, and Du Bartas.

Renaissance studies is further represented by John Parkin, Senior Research Fellow in French, whose work centres on Rabelais and the theory and practice of humour.

The work of the School of Modern Languages medievalists meshes with the activity of the Centre for Medieval Studies, a platform for research and teaching synergies across the Faculty of Arts (English, History, Modern Languages), thus ensuring a strong position for Bristol in national terms (second only to York). Ailes is co-investigator in the AHRC Charlemagne in England Project, shared between the Universities of Reading and Bristol.

Early Modern Studies is represented by research on the 17th-century stage by Edward Forman in French, and by the investigation of identity in 18th-century Spain by Sally-Ann Kitts in the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American (HiPLA).