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Dr Debbie Pinfold


Over the course of my career I have taught a wide range of German literary subjects, from the eighteenth century to the present. I am particularly interested in German narrative writing since 1945 and the literature and the cultural memory of the former German Democratic Republic, but I have also taught a range of other authors and topics, including the poetry and novels of Goethe, Schiller's dramas, Thomas Mann, Kafka, Günter Grass and Christa Wolf. In addition I have taught various courses on twentieth-century German history. 

I currently teach the following undergraduate cultural units:

  • GERM10035            German Literature and Film: Texts, Contexts and Genres
  • GERM10039            Language and Power: Inroductions to German History
  • GERM20048            Effi Briest and her Afterlives
  • GERM20042            Divided Germany
  • GERM20049            From Judgement to Trial: Selected Works by Franz Kafka
  • MODL23017            Woman and Nation
  • GERM32054            Representing the Holocaust
  • GERM32060            After the  Wall: Remembering and Reconstructing the GDR
  • MODL30027            The Cultural Heritage of Historic Towns and Cities in Europe and Beyond
  • MODL30005            Independent Study

 I also teach on the following M.A. units:

  • MODLM2022            Institutions of Culture
  • MODLM2034            Tradition and Experimentation in Twentieth-Century European Fiction 


Consultation hours:

Teaching Block 2, 2019 /20

Wednesday 12 -1

Thursday 12 - 1

and at other times by prior arrangement. Please email to set up an appointment if necessary.