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Mr Will Finch


Throughout my graduate studies at the University of Bristol and the University of Cambridge I have focused on music and the moving image. My PhD project explores music in the award-winning BBC documentary series Arena - the means by which Arena constructs ideas about music, and the uses the series itself makes of music. The project combines musicological and media-history paradigms to expose Arena’s stylistic treatment of actuality and mediation of meaning. Arena's focus on the cultural industries is enacted through highly stylised films that perform those industries; it serves as a key site through which to investigate music and television's interelationship. 

In 2014 I completed a MPhil dissertation with Dr Sam Barrett on jazz in French new wave cinema. In 2016, following two years working professionally in arts and higher education development, I commenced my doctoral studies with Dr Guido Heldt and Dr Angela Piccini. I undertook undergraduate studies at Royal Holloway in 2014, completing an analysis of Michael Tippet’s, The Mask of Time. 



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