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Dr Tamar Hodos


I teach all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Past students include:

  • C. Sandtröm (PhD current, University of Gothenburg, co-supervisor) Encountering Environments. Ecology, Production and Trading Networks during the Seventh and Sixth Centuries BC, Western Sicily.
  • L. Jansen (MPhil 2015) Regional Networks of Exchange in the Mediterranean and the Establishment of Settlements by Phoenicians: Causality and Mechanisms of Development.
  • C. Holland (MPhil 2014) Foreign Influence on Etruscan Architecture. 
  • J. Wilson (PhD 2010; AHRC-funded) Becoming Irish: The Materiality of Transcultural Identities in the Later Irish Iron Age. Currently Research Fellow, University of Bristol
  • A. Brown (PhD 2009; Bristol University Scholarship-funded) The Iron Age Troad: migration and colonisation in the 12th-6th centuries BC. Currently Finds Recording Officer, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service
  • T. Gambin (PhD 2005; Bristol University Scholarship-funded) The Maritime Landscapes of  Malta from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages. Currently Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Malta  

In 2007, I was awarded the Faculty Teaching Prize for excellence in education, the highest award at the University at the time. In 2015, I was a finalist for the Student Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Faculty of Arts.