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Dr Tamar Hodos

Dr Tamar Hodos

Dr Tamar Hodos
B.A.(BrynMawr), M.A.(Lond.), D.Phil.(Oxon.)

Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology

Area of research

Archaeology of the Mediterranean Iron Age

43 Woodland Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1UU
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+44 (0) 117 954 6077


I am a specialist in the archaeology of the Mediterranean's Iron Age, a period that extends between c.1200-c.600 BCE, with particular interest in the impact of colonisation, and the construction and expression of social identities. I use postcolonial and globalisation theories to examine the interactions and influences between the various communities and cultures of the Mediterranean during this period of unprecedented connectivity. Unusually, my research spans the traditional disciplines of Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology.

I am currently collaborating with the British Museum on a project that explores the role of luxury objects as expressions of status, power and authority in the first millennium BCE wider Mediterranean. The project seeks to understand the creation, circulation, use and purpose of luxury objects within a cross-cultural framework that examines how luxuries transcend cultural differences in Iron Age societies; an early example of globalisation. Project activities include a major, international touring exhibition of British Museum objects from the East Mediterranean and the Middle East, that demonstrate the definition, circulation and appreciation of luxuries in the first millennium BCE; and a series of scientific analyses to examine the trade in luxury decorated ostrich eggs, their provenance and techniques of manufacture. Publication outcomes of the project range from an exhibition catalogue to a series of journal articles.   

I am also an expert in the archaeology of Turkey, especially of the first millennium BCE. Until 2012, I co-directed the Çaltılar Archaeological Project, a collaboration between Bristol, Liverpool and Uludağ (Turkey) Universities. This project, based in the south-western Turkish region of Lycia, examined the role this area played with the Aegean, Greek and wider Mediterranean worlds during the Bronze and Iron Ages, contextualising the region's subsequent development during the Graeco-Roman period, for which it is most famous. Our intensive survey results demonstrate that this area was remarkably well connected with Anatolia and the Aegean from at least the Early Bronze Age, but especially during the first half of the first millennium BCE. In addition, we discovered evidence of what may be a hither-to unknown sanctuary of likely seventh-sixth centuries BCE date.


BA, Bryn Mawr College

MA, University College London

DPhil, Oxford University

Prior to coming to Bristol in 2000, I taught at Leicester, Manchester and Cambridge Universities.


I teach all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Past students include:

  • C. Sandtröm (PhD current, University of Gothenburg, co-supervisor) Encountering Environments. Ecology, Production and Trading Networks during the Seventh and Sixth Centuries BC, Western Sicily.
  • L. Jansen (MPhil 2015) Regional Networks of Exchange in the Mediterranean and the Establishment of Settlements by Phoenicians: Causality and Mechanisms of Development.
  • C. Holland (MPhil 2014) Foreign Influence on Etruscan Architecture. 
  • J. Wilson (PhD 2010; AHRC-funded) Becoming Irish: The Materiality of Transcultural Identities in the Later Irish Iron Age. Currently Research Fellow, University of Bristol
  • A. Brown (PhD 2009; Bristol University Scholarship-funded) The Iron Age Troad: migration and colonisation in the 12th-6th centuries BC. Currently Finds Recording Officer, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service
  • T. Gambin (PhD 2005; Bristol University Scholarship-funded) The Maritime Landscapes of  Malta from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages. Currently Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Malta  

In 2007, I was awarded the Faculty Teaching Prize for excellence in education, the highest award at the University at the time. In 2015, I was a finalist for the Student Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Faculty of Arts.


  • Mediterranean
  • Iron Age
  • colonisation
  • globalisation
  • identities
  • Greek
  • Greeks
  • Phoenician
  • Phoenicians
  • Sicily
  • Turkey
  • Anatolia
  • North Africa



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