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Publication - Dr Stuart Presnell

    Universal quantum information compression and degrees of prior knowledge


    Jozsa, R & Presnell, S, 2003, ‘Universal quantum information compression and degrees of prior knowledge’. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, vol 459 (2040)., pp. 3061 - 3077


    We describe a universal information compression scheme that compresses any pure quantum i.i.d. source asymptotically to its von Neumann entropy, with no prior knowledge of the structure of the source. We introduce a diagonalisation procedure that enables any classical compression algorithm to be utilised in a quantum context. Our scheme is then based on the corresponding quantum translation of the classical Lempel-Ziv algorithm. Our methods lead to a conceptually simple way of estimating the entropy of a source in terms of the measurement of an associated length parameter while maintaining high fidelity for long blocks. As a by-product we also estimate the eigenbasis of the source. Since our scheme is based on the Lempel-Ziv method, it can be applied also to target sequences that are not i.i.d.

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