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Dr Stuart Prior


I have a wide range of teaching experience at all levels of Higher Education, from CE, through BA and MA, to PhD supervision. I teach a variety of topics, but am primarily responsible for the development, management and provision of teaching and learning in professional and vocational archaeology. I deliver much of the Department’s specialised practical training (including co-directing the Department's annual training excavation), ensuring that any training or instruction provided conforms to current industry standards, codes of approved practice and health and safety legislation.

At undergraduate level, I designed, developed and deliver the 'Pre-Excavation Techniques’ and ‘Post-Excavation Techniques’ units, and also teach specialist units on the ‘Archaeology of Early Medieval Britain & Ireland’ and 'Castles', which are both closely informed by my research interests.  I also deliver units at MA level, providing essential professional/vocational field skills training.  I currently supervise six Ph.D. students researching a wide range of topics including Rawhide in Prehistory, Medieval Rabbit Warrens, Hell-fire Clubs, English Civil War Fortifications and GIS Use & Application.

Archaeology in Practice BCP13