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Publication - Dr Stuart Prior

    The Meare Heath Bow Reconstruction


    Prior, SJ, 2010, ‘The Meare Heath Bow Reconstruction’.


    A popular account of the re-creation of a working replica of the Meare Heath Bow, which was carried out using the tools, materials and technologies available to the indigenous Neolithic population of Somerset. Through the re-creation and testing of the bow, hypothesis and interpretations previously attributed to the bow, and consequently to Neolithic bow-making in general, were examined and re-appraised.

    The conclusions reached include the fact that the Neolithic bowyers were skilled craftsmen and designers, capable of producing highly advanced weapons for the time, and that the Meare Heath Bow, which was previously thought to have broken in use, was probably intentionally broken, perhaps to be deposited as a votive offering in the Somerset Levels.

    Full details in the University publications repository