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Publication - Professor Simon Jones

    Life Class


    Jones, S & Sara, G, 2019, ‘Life Class’. Dance 4


    Life Class draws upon the Tea Dance to celebrate our greatest, most memorable, most requested role - ourselves, and asks how we ended up playing the part ... in this scene ... with these lines ... and wonders – who's this playing opposite?

    Through poetic text and detailed choreography, inspired in part from work with Tea Dancers and community choirs, this brand new performance explores how our response to the call of the other determines who we are: how it makes us us.

    Taking as its starting point the fictional encounter between two lovers at a dance many years ago, our twentieth work extends our collaborations with different communities to work with a group of senior social dancers to explore the role that dance has played in their lives, and how one incident in a person’s life can change its direction forever.

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