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Professor Sarah Hibberd

My research interests focus primarily on nineteenth-century French musical culture, nineteenth-century opera (French, Italian), and other forms of music theatre including melodrama and ballet. I am completing an AHRC-funded project, French Opera and the Revolutionary Sublime, in which I analyse the cataclysmic denouements of a series of works performed in Paris between 1789 and 1830, in the context of France's evolving relationship to revolution, and with particular attention to staging technologies (including lighting and special effects) and audiences' sensory and emotional experience. I am also researching the activities of the 'Puritani Quartet' in London and Paris during the 1830s and 40s, with a particular focus on the bass, Luigi Lablache, and exploring singer networks and mobility in nineteenth-century Europe.


Research keywords

  • musicology
  • music history
  • nineteenth-century studies
  • opera
  • nationalism and national identities
  • visual cultures
  • French theatre
  • music and science