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Dr Safet HadziMuhamedovic

Sacral landscapes

I am an anthropologist of landscape and religion, particularly interested in time and temporality, home, 'syncretic' cosmologies, agency and affect. Over the past eight years, I have conducted most of my long-term fieldwork in Bosnia, with stints of research in the Basque Country and Palestine/Israel. My book Waiting for Elijah: Time and Encounter in a Bosnian Landscape (Berghahn, 2018) delves into the postwar echoes of cosmic/bodily encounters and syncretic seasonal celebrations in the southeastern Bosnian highlands. I have also written on various other aspects of sacral landscapes, historicity and political agency of 'nonhuman' beings and ontological approaches to the question of home. 

Research keywords

  • Anthropology of syncretism
  • proximity and mixture
  • anthropological and phenomenological approaches to time
  • ritual and festivity
  • anthropology of space place and landscape
  • affect and subjectivity
  • loneliness and waiting
  • materiality
  • nonhuman agency
  • home and belonging
  • extended kinship
  • gender
  • nationalism and ethnicity
  • conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction
  • post-war environments
  • borders and migration
  • memory
  • etymology
  • visual anthropology
  • research ethics
  • anthropology of Bosnia - former Yugoslavia - post-Ottoman and post-socialist geographies - nomadic Roma trajectories in the Balkans - Palestine/Israel - the Basque Country