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Publication - Dr Paul Clarke

    Artists in the Archive

    Creative and Curatorial Engagements with Documents of Art and Performance


    Jones, S, Clarke, P, Linsley, J & Kaye, N, 2018, ‘Artists in the Archive: Creative and Curatorial Engagements with Documents of Art and Performance’. Routledge, London


    Artists in the Archive explores the agency and materiality of the archival document through a stunning collection of critical writings and original artworks. It examines the politics and philosophy behind re-using remains, historicising this artistic practice and considering the breadth of ways in which archival materials inform, inflect and influence new works.

    Taking a fresh look at the relationships between insider know-how and outsider knowledge, Artists in the Archive opens a vital dialogue between a global range of artists and scholars. It seeks to trouble the distinction between artistic practice and scholarly research, offering disciplinary perspectives from experimental theatre, performance art, choreography and dance, to visual art making, archiving and curating.

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