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Dr Neil Carrier


I have been conducting research in East Africa and amongst its diaspora for the last two decades, initially for my doctorate at the University of St Andrews (awarded 2004) for which I studied the farming, trade and consumption of the controversial stimulant drug known as khat. I subsequently worked for several years at the University of Oxford, as a researcher on various topics (including the drugs trade in Africa, photography in Kenya, cultural heritage, as well as Somali trade and its effects on urban transformation in East Africa), and as the Evans-Pritchard lecturer in African Studies and Social Anthropology, before joining Anthropology and Archaeology at Bristol in September 2017. As well as teaching various topics within the discipline, I am also involved in two research projects, one focused on cannabis, livelihoods and policy in Africa, and the other working with colleagues at the Bristol Archives and at a number of Kenyan institutions to explore how photographs in the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection can be made meaningful in contemporary Kenya (for more information on this, see:








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