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Publication - Dr Michael Ellison

    Bin Boğalar Efsanesi


    Ellison, M, Jones, S & Kemal, Y, 2020, ‘Bin Boğalar Efsanesi’. Istanbul Music Festival


    Bin Boğalar Efsanesi-(Legend of a Thousand Bulls) (2020)
    Total Theatre in Music (opera) in four scenes, tracing the extinction of the last Yörük/Alevi nomads in Anatolia (in Turkish). For Bozlak voices, Anatolian instruments, and transcultural ensemble. Based on novel by Yaşar Kemal.
    Simon Jones, Libretto/director; Zeynep Tanbay, choreographer; NOHlab, video performance and stage design. Premiere projected June, 2020, Istanbul Music Festival. Hezarfen Ensemble, Erdem Şimşek, bağlama soloist. (90’)

    Full details in the University publications repository