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Publication - Dr Michael Ellison

    Trommelsprachen - Languages of Drums


    Ellison, M & Neuhoff, H, 2017, ‘Trommelsprachen - Languages of Drums’. Acht Brücken Festival, Cologne


    Commissioned by Siemens Foundation and Hans Neuhoff for Eight Bridges Festival, Cologne, Germany. Based on drum languages of India, Turkey and the Middle East, merged into a contemporary music context. For four percussion soloists and voice (V. Suresh, Fresco Zohar, Mısırlı Ahmet, Bodek Janke, Mariana Sodovska), with mixed cross-cultural ensemble. (90-100’)

    Premiere 5 May, 2017, Philharmonic Hall, Acht Brücken Festival, Köln

    Full details in the University publications repository