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Dr Martin Sticker

Dr Martin Sticker

Dr Martin Sticker
MA(Bonn), M.LITT(St.And.), PhD(St.And.)

Lecturer in Ethics

Cotham House,
Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6JL
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My current main interest is the ambitious question of what the right or best moral principles and theories are. To answer this question, I focus especially on Kant and Kantian ethics as well as Consequentialist principles. I am particularly interested in working out what the most fundamental differences between Consequentialist and non-Consequentialist (such as Kantian) ethical theories are and whether different types of ethical theories can be reconciled. Apart from that I have interests in applied ethics, particularly in global justice, the problem of overdemandingness and climate ethics. 

Much of my past research was concerned with the role of the pre-philosophical perspective for academic philosophy as well as the role that philosophy can play in turn for non-philosophers. I approached these topics largely from a historical perspective (mainly Kant, also Aristotle and Hegel).


I received my first degree from the University of Bonn and my PhD from the Universities of St Andrews and Stirling. I worked as a lecturer at the Universitiy of Goettingen and as a postdoc at Trinity College Dublin. I joined the University of Bristol in 2018.

Questions that I have worked on in the past include: What is the role of pre-theoretically and widely shared moral convictions for ethical theorizing? What is the point of doing ethics? Is conscience an infallible source of moral insight? What is the nature of our obligations to the globally worst off and to victims of emergencies? In what sense is impartiality ethically required of us? Are there limits to what morality can demand of us? What is evil? How should we rationally react to disagreement with peers who we think are as likely to get it right as we are? Can major ethical theories, such as Kantianism and Consequentialism, be reconciled with each other?



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