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Dr Lucy Cramp

My major research interests have developed from a background in biomolecular archaeology, and the application of these approaches to investigate ancient patterns of human subsistence, culinary choices and technological practices.  I am particularly interested both in the development of analytical methods using ancient lipid biomolecules and stable isotope proxies for the reconstruction of prehistoric diet and resource management, and the application of these proxies to address large-scale questions regarding human responses to cultural or environmental stimuli. Employing lipid biomolecular proxies, my recent research interests span from investigating the diet of the first farmers in the British Isles and Fennoscandia, to the use of Roman-style culinary vessels in Britain, through to identifying components of balms used in mummification in ancient Egypt.

Research keywords

  • Organic residue analysis
  • stable isotopes
  • lipid biomarkers
  • GC/MS
  • ancient diet
  • Neolithic
  • Roman
  • mummification