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Publication - Dr Karim Thebault

    Bouncing unitary cosmology II. Mini-superspace phenomenology

    Mini-Superspace Phenomenology


    Gryb, S & Thébault, KP, 2019, ‘Bouncing unitary cosmology II. Mini-superspace phenomenology: Mini-Superspace Phenomenology’. Classical and Quantum Gravity, vol 36.


    A companion paper provides a proposal for cosmic singularity resolution based upon general features of a bouncing unitary cosmological model in the mini-superspace approximation. This paper analyses novel phenomenology that can be identified within particular solutions of that model. First, we justify our choice of particular solutions based upon a clearly articulated and observationally-motivated principle. Second, we demonstrate that the chosen solutions follow a classical mini-superspace cosmology before smoothly bouncing off the classically singular region. Third, and most significantly, we identify a 'Rayleigh-scattering' limit for physically reasonable choices of parameters within which the solutions display effective behaviour that is insensitive to the details of rapidly oscillating Planck-scale physics. This effective physics is found to be compatible with an effective period of cosmic inflation well below the Planck scale. The detailed effective physics of this Rayleigh-scattering limit is provided via: i) an exact analytical treatment of the model in the de Sitter limit; and ii) numerical solutions of the full model.

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