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Dr Justin Williams

Popular music, hip-hop, jazz, musical borrowing, film music, geography and mobility, and the analysis of record production.

Most of my published work has engaged with the study of hip-hop music and culture, but have also written on jazz, crowdfunding and the figure of the singer-songwriter. I am currently writing on a book on UK hip-hop in the 21st century. 
Other research interests include:
  • Popular music studies (especially hip-hop)
  • Musical borrowing
  • Film music and other forms of audio-visual intermediality (e.g. YouTube)
  • Jazz (history, arranging, analysis and composition)
  • The singer-songwriter
  • Intersections between progressive rock and jazz 'fusion' in the 1970s
  • Digital patronage
  • Music and geography
  • Mobility and sound studies
  • The analysis of record production


Research keywords

  • Musicology
  • popular music
  • hip-hop
  • film music
  • geography and mobility
  • the analysis of record production
  • musical borrowing.