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Dr Jonathan Grose



2017  "Robustness in evolutionary explanations: a positive account." Biology & Philosophy 32.1: 73-96.  (With Cedric Paternotte)

2013 “Social Norms and Game Theory: Harmony or discord?” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 64(3)551-587 (With Cedric Paternotte)

2013 “Social Norms, Repeated Interaction and Context Dependence” in NormEv 2011. Public Reason 5 (1) 3-13(With Cedric Paternotte)

2011 “Modelling and the Fall and Rise of the Handicap Principle”, Biology and Philosophy 26(4) : 677-696

2011 “Genuine versus Deceptive Emotional Displays”, in H. deRegt, S. Hartmaan & S. Okasha (eds.) EPSA Philosophy of Science: Amsterdam 2009. Dordrecht: Springer pp. 77-88


Book Reviews:

2011 Review of M. Schabas, The Natural Origins of Economics, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 62: 433-436 2011

2010  “Selection as a unifying process in the biological and social sciences”, review of Henry Plotkin, Evolutionary Worlds without End. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 26: 7-8

"Cooperation, Conflict, Sex and Bargaining", review of Joan Roughgarden, The Genial Gene. Biology & Philosophy 25: 257-267 Co-authors, S. Okasha, K. Binmore, C. Paternotte.

2009 Review of J. McKensie Alexander, The Structural Evolution of Morality. Economics and Philosophy 25 (1):113-119. 2009 Review of Jablonka & Lamb, Evolution in Four Dimensions. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 60 (3): 667-672



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