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Publication - Dr Joanna Burch-Brown

    Religion and reducing prejudice


    Burch-Brown, JM & Baker, W, 2016, ‘Religion and reducing prejudice’. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, vol 19., pp. 784-807


    Drawing on findings from the study of prejudice and prejudice reduction, we identify a number of mechanisms through which religious communities may influence the intergroup attitudes of their members. We hypothesize that religious participation could in principle either reduce or promote prejudice with respect to any given target group. A religious community’s influence on intergroup attitudes will depend upon the specific beliefs, attitudes, and practices found within the community, as well as on interactions between the religious community and the larger social environment in which it is embedded. Basing our proposals on findings from the literature on prejudice formation and prejudice reduction allows us to outline useful directions for future studies of religion and prejudice.

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