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Dr Jamie Lawson

(Queer) sexual subcultures

A queer anthroppologist, my major research interest is in sex and sexuality, with a specific focus on sexual minorities and sexual subcultures. I have worked on sex and sexuality using a variety of methodologies including qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. Most recently, I have been involved in the Art of Relationships project at the OU, using a novel methodology (visual matrix) to evaluate the use of art as a pathway to impact, and have completed an interview-based study into the culture and history of the Puppy Play community. My book, a queer history for 12+ year olds titled "Rainbow Revolutions: Pride, Power and Protest in the Fight for Queer Rights" is due out in September 2019.  

Research keywords

  • Sex
  • sexualities
  • Queer
  • LGBT
  • BDSM
  • kink
  • puppy play
  • queer pedagogies
  • Pedagogy
  • methods and analysis