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Publication - Dr Jamie Lawson

    Art as a pathway to impact

    Understanding the affective experience of public engagement with film


    Langdridge, D, Gabb, J & Lawson, J, 2019, ‘Art as a pathway to impact: Understanding the affective experience of public engagement with film’. Sociological Review.


    The need for social as well as academic impact in social science research is now well established. Art is increasingly being explored as a means of generating social impact, most commonly as a way to engage publics with research findings, but to date with little exploration of the process of engagement itself. In this study, we set out to explore the power of art to engage the public. We do this by examining the ‘affective’ experience of engagement through a qualitative investigation using one-to-one interviews and a modified visual matrix exercise. In this article we report on the findings from our analysis of the affective experience of watching a film series, and through this discuss the use of film to communicate research findings and value of a novel qualitative psychosocial methodology for exploring the process of public engagement.

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